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Can science explain the existence of God.

Posted in Social by outfielder on March 16, 2010

As graduate students, my friend and I had all the time in the world to discuss topics ranging from college politics to international affairs, from beers to “desire” for healthy life and so on. Mostly, we are on the same platform, except while discussing science and religion. He is kind of an atheist (but with an open mind) and I am a believer (but not very spiritual).

The most compelling argument which atheists give is the theory of evolution. Though I belief in God but I also agree with theory of evolution (with few reservations). Our scientists have done great work to unravel the mysteries of our existence. An atheist brags about these evidences as proof that there is no God. If I would have to answer in William Coppers words, one of the greatest English poets of all time-“The absence of proof is not proof of absence”. The atheists say that they cannot prove a ‘negative’ i.e. something that do not exist -the null hypothesis (No existence of God). True, but null hypothesis do not mean that the hypothesis cannot exist, it suggest that based on the current understanding, the existence of null hypothesis is rare. I emphasize “based on current understanding”. But what disappoints me is the arrogance, or to fit best in this context- the ignorance of some adamant atheists, who are not ready to accept even the probability of existence of God. The history has seen many evidences which seemed compelling during that period but are obsolete in present time.

To quote C.S Lewis- “ If there is a controlling power outside the universe, it could not show Himself to us as one of the fact inside the universe- no more than an architect who build a house could actually show his presence in wall or staircase or fireplace in the house”. To my atheist friends this statement might look like an irrational philosophical approach of one of the several believers. You are right; he is a believer of God but to your amazement he was once a loyal atheist. He have utilized same rational mind that once driven him to become an atheist to write his book on “Mere Christianity”, where he acknowledges the presence of God and moral laws associated with religions.

Science of Exiestence

Some of the atheist leave no opportunity to point out theist as irrational and unintelligent fanatics who belief in His existence without scientific background. Science argues that for God to exist, He must exist in more than three dimensions of space and more than one dimension of time. If we just go by Bible, it says- ‘the universe cannot contain God’, indicating God must exist and operate in dimensions of space other than those to which we are confined. Similarly a verse from the book of Hebrews indicates ‘God created the universe out of some of the dimensions of space and time which are not visible to us’. Many holy books also suggests- God created time and was acting before time began, confirming that God exists in at least two dimensions of time. Physicists have recently proved at least ten dimensions of space existed at the time of creation of the universe. If the philosophies of Bible and other holy books were written by few fanatics as claimed by atheist, these guys seem to me as brilliant fanatics, to know the complicated theories of physics in those days, which our scientists took years to explore.

There are also compelling evidence from scientific community that our universe is ‘fine tuned’ to produce life. As mention by Dr. Hugh Ross in his book –The Creator and the Cosmos, if the balance between expansion and contraction of the Universe, or the ratio of the mass of the electron and proton were even minutely different from their present values, life could not exist, suggesting the existence of at least some supernatural force if not God (to please atheists).

Moral Code

Atheists also argue that God and religion are the cause of many social evils associated with our society. However we have to understand that it is not God or religion that creates such problems. No religion teaches violence, inhumanity, injustice. The people who (mis-) interpret or follow blindly without understanding thetrue philosophies behind religion are the main culprits. Despite the atrocities and injustice performed under name of religion, we cannot deny the fact that religion helps us in binding to moral laws. In one of the survey in canada alone in 2007, around 70% of theists were found “morally better” then atheists.

Finally I would wrap up by mentioning a small story which instigated me to write this blog-Francis S Collins, a renowned leader of Human Genome project, was once an atheist. However when he was asked to add few lines in Clintons opening speech, informing the world about the success of Human Genome Project, he added –“ Today we are learning the language in which God created life”.



Posted in Political, Social by outfielder on March 4, 2010

The government in Australia is in a troublesome situation with the recent spate of racist attack on Indian people in Australia. In order to avoid ‘racism’ accusation, Kieran Walshe, Victorian Police deputy commissioner had recently stated that- Indian student are soft targets for violent incidences because they tend to travel on their own, late at night – either from study or employment – and carry valuable items such as laptops and phones . So in other words, instead of increasing the security on the streets of Australia, the Australian government is proposing Indian students to avoid going out for studies or job and not to carry their cell phones (Can someone tell the Australian government, that if they don’t carry their phones, will they be able to call for help if any unfortunate incidence happens?).

But today I am not writing this blog to condemn Australian for their racist behavior but to retrospect our self.  We feel bad when our people become a victim of racisms in other country; however, we spent little time to notice the racism prevailing in our Indian society from years.

Despite India’s egalitarian veneer, there still remains an invisible separation between the country’s upper and lower castes that lasts from birth to death. For most Indians, opportunities in education, employment and marriage are still determined by the ancient social hierarchy of caste. Meals are rarely shared between Brahmins and Dalits, which also includes a constellation of in-between castes. Many restaurants are often self-segregated along caste lines. Also, some of the Hindu temples and Muslim mosque are off-limits to other religion (I still wonder what screening procedure they use to recognize whether the person is Hindu or Muslim).

According to Hindu religion, the Hindu castes originated from of a “primordial being” out of whose body each social group, or varna, was born. Brahmins, priests and educators, came from the mouth; Kshatriyas (warriors and kings) grew from the arms; the Vaisyas (merchants) and the Sudras (Labors), respectively, grew from the thighs and feet. The Untouchables, or Dalit, are considered so depraved that they weren’t associated with the body at all. It is also believed that higher the caste more fair will be your skin color (Oops, if Darwin had realized this earlier, he would certainly be disappointed on his work on genetics). The same goes with Indian Muslims. They are mainly divided into-Ashrafs and Ajlafs.  The Ashrafs (who claim that their ancestors are Arabs) consider the Ajlafs (converted from Hindus) the lower castes. These centuries’ old classification on basis of caste still strongly folds our Indian society and we have become so used to it that we hardly acknowledge it as racism.

One of the classic examples of racism is also seen in our beauty product commercials? There will be a girl with dark complexion, most dejected in the world with zero self confidence. Her family members feel shame to introduce her in the society, she gets rejected in job interview, she couldn’t find her love of life etc. And suddenly when she starts applying the particular beauty product, the whole life seems to be like a Karan Johar movie. She gets money, fame, love and the list goes on. These commercials are a wonderful example on the way our Indian society treats people based on their skin color.

Not to forget the inter-caste marriage, that is still not accepted in our society. Some families in India are so stubborn that they would be ‘honored’ to kill their children then to let him/her to marry in other caste. And that included the families from good educational (and ‘Intellectual’) background. Apparently their social standing is more important than their own family member’s life.

It’s a national shame that country which is known for its cultural and religious diversity have such a deeply embedded seed of racism. And we have become so use to it in our daily routine that we hardly acknowledge it as racism. It has to be realized that we cannot be Hippocratic in accepting racism in our country and strongly condemning it in other country.